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21 days (habits) to Radiant Living

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What is the 21 days (habits) to Radiant Living?


Wishing you a Very Blessed Happy New Year! What are your thoughts on New Year’s intentions and Goal setting?  How many of us are saying, “Oh I’ve done resolutions and intentions and have never felt successful, so WHY BOTHER this year?”

I’m here to tell you, that’s a valid feeling…and yet, if we choose to never try again, what would our lives be like then? Do I really want the ‘same-same’ over and over? Do I really feel like I am powerless and unable to create new?

"Time-Out" to Recharge!

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Saturday Morning "Time-Out" to Recharge, Re-group, Rejuvenate!!

October Energies are all about "Aligning with and Living our Authentic Truth". This will play out in our body in many ways, but especially in the Throat area, our Truth chakra. We need to take a time out from our day to day patterns and habits to address our Subconscious patterns and habits running our lives.

Come and join Me for a fun morning of laughter, meditation, practices, an Avesa Balancing and Support to re-set your internal compass. Saturday October 19th, 10 am - 12:30pm. Energy Exchange: $33. rsvp to pattymarkhampeterson@gmail or 906-487-7469

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